Skype's elusive, security related, bug.

I didn’t use Skype for almost a year, but a month ago just recalled a strange problem I encountered while going through my old screenshots directory. The screenshot in question was one of an alien skype profile I accidentally logged on one day. I have reported the problem to Skype in January. It was long overdue. Yet I’m not sure if the message passed through[1] as no one have contacted me about it, not even their lawyers :smile: »

Installing Elixir and Phoenix framework on Windows 10

Since December I’m using a Windows 10 based tablet/convertible Asus T100HAN. It is small and neat device and my first tablet I can sensibly code on while commuting, waiting at doctor’s office and the like. Which is great, you know :-) Below I wrote all the steps required to get Elixir and Phoenix framework running on such low-end device or any other with Windows 10. First install Chocolatey if you haven’t already. »

Everything needs a restart sometimes.

This small virtual space isn’t any different. The pros of restarting are many, but for this particular blog I once and for all divorced from all those dynamic too-much-hassle to keep them running blog engines and settled for Jekyll. Also, I can write posts using my new favourite text editor – Spacemacs, which I hope will make it far easier to blog as it is running all the time. »

Author image Adam Kruszewski

About me

A place for my own various musings, opinions and maybe even some code. Timex Computer 2048 shown on this blog’s background is my first owned personal computer. I have learned programming using sinclair basic on a stock Sinclair Spectrum my father ocassionally brought from his day job years before I got this great clone, but it was instrumental on me learning z80 assembly. I still own it and it is fully operational. »

Author image Adam Kruszewski