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Emacs 25 on Windows (x64)

Today whole sourceforge site wasn’t reachable from my home network and suspecting the worst I have decided to make my own Emacs build environment for Windows. Using instructions of bburns.km from https://emacs.stackexchange.com/a/19202 which in turn are based on work of Chris Zheng (emacsbinw64 project) I have created a set of simple shell scripts to automate building of Emacs straight from it’s git repository.

If you would like to use them, here are instructions on how to do so:

  • First, install msys2
  • Run MingW-w64 shell (not the standard msys2 shell)
  • Install git with pacman -S git
  • Clone my github repository containing the scripts https://github.com/adamkruszewski/build-scripts-emacs-win64
  • Run ./emacs-build-prepare.sh to install necessary libraries and tools (necessary only for the first time)
  • Run ./emacs-build-compile.sh to pull latest Emacs git repository and build Emacs.
  • Run ./emacs-build-install.sh to install built Emacs to /c/emacs/emacs-25
  • Run ./emacs-build-make-realse.sh to create a release zip file for emacs, which you can take to all your other windows computers. The file can be found in /c/emacs/ directory.

You can customize the directory where Emacs is installed in emacs-build-settings.sh file.

You can also download pre-built binaries I have uploaded to github. I’ll try to upload new binary builds on a monthly basis.