Firefox containers

posted on 2017-10-06

Firefox just released an updated version of its containers plugin. A new great Contextual Identities mechanism which I’m quite sure will become a norm in all web browsers, or at least it certainly should. This and performance improvements made me switch back to Firefox from more than a year of exodus.

While a truly welcome addition it still manages to fail Nothing Private test somehow. Not fully but in a significant way. When you open the page from any container but first one, which coincidentally is @Private by default, and then open the page in private window you’ll see the separation of contexts works like expected. Opening the page from first container ie. @Personal still exhibits the old erroneous behaviour where you are easily profiled by the test page.

I’m quite sure this will be fixed soon but till now you have to just remember to not use the first container in any significant way, and better yet, create a new @Personal container and rename old one to @Default or so.