Fixing Broken Sword 5 (Steam) on Linux

Being a patient gamer means I play, at least in most cases, games that are few years old. Latest adventure game I started playing is Broken Sword 5 but unfortunately it doesn’t launch right after installing it through Steam on Linux. Reading through Steam’s logs it indicated that game lacked an steam_appid.txt file with it’s Steam appid in game’s root directory. To correct this error I just had to create the file: »

Iosevka - Coder's typeface

I have been using Iosevka as my main monospaced font for more than a year now and finally I have decided to write about it a little. What hooked me almost instantly when I found it was it’s sleek narrow looks and being completely generated from code. It does have quite a lot of variants for various characters and optional ligatures support so you can customize it to suit your needs. »

Author image Adam Kruszewski

Emacs in WSL and opening links

Using Emacs on Windows got a little bit easier with the latest Creator Update to Windows 10. First great improvement allows to run unpatched Emacs and connect it to X Server like an opensource VcXsrv. Copying and pasting between Emacs and Windows apps now works like a charm, and resizing Emacs (gtk) window also works as expected. It become a really pleasant experience and it feels it have better performance than a natively compiled one. »

Emacs 25 on Windows (x64)

Today whole sourceforge site wasn’t reachable from my home network and suspecting the worst I have decided to make my own Emacs build environment for Windows. Using instructions of from which in turn are based on work of Chris Zheng (emacsbinw64 project) I have created a set of simple shell scripts to automate building of Emacs straight from it’s git repository. If you would like to use them, here are instructions on how to do so: »

Skype's elusive, security related, bug.

I didn’t use Skype for almost a year, but a month ago just recalled a strange problem I encountered while going through my old screenshots directory. The screenshot in question was one of an alien skype profile I accidentally logged on one day. I have reported the problem to Skype in January. It was long overdue. Yet I’m not sure if the message passed through[1] as no one have contacted me about it, not even their lawyers :smile: »